The Power of Faith



Challenging you to rise up and do something for the glory of God

David Hathaway

David Hatahway has always chosen to live on the edge, in the danger zone, to take amazaing risks for God… miraculously released from a communist prison, healed of cancer twice, almost killed on five occasions. Through this and many other miracles, he is proving that life with Christ is a contunually unfolding adventure. David says he would rather be in a storm with Jesus than live at peace without Him.

But the most important thing is this – for more than 50 years since his baptism in the Holy Spirit, God’s fire has been burning in David’s soul, a passion to see the power of God demonstrated on earth – and he wants to pass this fire, this passion on to YOU! This book is an amazing testimony of the faith that has sustained him all his life, and a demonstration of what God can do through YOU, if only YOU would choose to believe and ACT!

David Hathaway – Founder and President of Eurovision Missions to Europe, Editorial Director of Prophetic Vision magazine – is a International Evangelist who has ministrered worldwide for more than 50 years. Today he reaches millions through his live TV crusades in Russia, Siberia, Ukraine and Europe, and through his weekly worldwide TV programmes. Eurovission Mission to Europe is one of Europe’s largest evangelistic organisations, and the largest operating in Russia. Prophetic Vision magazine has a worldwide readership and is published in different languages.

ISBN 978-90-1-905084-01-3
192 pagina’s
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