Schizophrenia can be healed (English)



By food, faith and medicines

Author: John Hofman

In spite of numerous researches, the world of schizophrenia and related phenomena is still a mystery for scientists of all kind. Endless tests have not yet lead to a breakthrough. The effects of these mental, emotional and spiritual disorder are very intense and complex.

The author has thoroughly investigated all available insights and summarized them in accessible language. In this book he also included the spiritual world, an dimension that is being overlooked by most psychiatrists, neurobiologists and neuropsychologists.

Interestingly enough, many scientists are now rediscovering the vital importance of food. A lot of psysical and mental problems can be solved by a balanced diet of vitamines and nutrients. Medication can be meaningful for a certain length of time but is only softening the symptoms instead of removing the roots.

Experts have recently ascertained that stress, shock situations
and emotional rejection accelerate substantially the chance of developing schizophrenia and psychoses.

The contents of this book are very revealing and the remarkable reports give hope to numerous sufferers!

The author is an authoritive figure since he has been supernaturally healed by GOD in an unprecedented way.

Publisher: Elijah Ministries
100 pages
ISBN 90-77412-06-9
Price € 9,95