May we introduce ourselves to you

John and Grada Hofman, Publishers of Christian books, in particular prophetic –pastoral books such as Schizophrenia can be healed; Healed from frozen pain etc.

The booklet ( 70 pages A5) HEALED FROM FROZEN PAIN has been translated up to now into 10 languages. The largest distribution so far is in India and Burma. The booklet is available over there in Hindi, Telegu ( India ) and Burmese and Mara ( Burma and Himalaya).

We are receiving weekly perplexing testimonies on healing, salvation, deliverance and transformation of lives.

The booklet is on profound and lasting healing of deep seated pain, anger, sadness, rejection because of trauma. In my own life ( John) God through the Holy Spirit, through the resurrection power of Jesus has made a complete new person of me. He healed me from deep fears sine my childhood, from emotional and physical weakness, from spiritual dumbness and changed me into a lively and loving person.

Our vision is to reach as many nations (languages) as possible. Translations into Arabic, Russian and other languages are in preparation.

If you wish to receive the English version, please let us know so.

We are hoping that you would consider a translation in your own language.

Yours in Christ,

John and Grada Hofman